My Girlfriend Sleeps With Better Hung Men

Well, where do I begin. I have been with this girl for almost 4 years now. We have two boys together, well I guess they are mine. They look like me anyway. We aren’t married, but we live together. Truth be known, I probably wouldn’t still be with this girl if it weren’t for two reasons; because she is a total bitch alot of the times and is half crazy, but she is pretty good looking. About 5’5″ tall, 110lbs., bleach blond hair blue eyes and a great set of perky little B cup titties.

The first reason, obviously, is because we have two children together and I want to provide them with a stable, intact family, ie. a mom and dad under the same roof. The second reason is because I can’t get any pussy anywhere else. I’m 27 years old and have only fucked 2 different women, my ex-wife and her. Of course, the reason for this is my little member between my legs. It is about 1″ soft and, on a good day, almost 4/1/4″ hard and very thin.

I had went almost a year and a half without pussy when fucked this girl for the first time. I was so horny after the one year mark that I almost couldn’t stand it. My pathetic little pecker would get so hard that it hurt and when I jacked off, which was at least 4 times a day, I would shoot enough cum to fill a suitcase up, and the pressure behind it would literally shoot it two feet in the air. I was so horny that I was miserable.

Then, I met her and she let me fuck her. When I did she just laid there looking at me asking me if it felt good. She couldn’t hardly feel a thing. One thing I forgot to mention was this girl was pretty wild before we got together. She had fucked at least 30 to 40 men before me and many of them were hung like a horse.

Time went by and things were okay. We had our two boys, but about 6 months after we had our last one, it happened, she cheated on me with two different men. Of course, it took me several months to catch her, she would fuck them at my house while I was at work. She later admitted that most of the time they fucked on the washer.

Eventually, I found out that both of the guys that she fucked were hung, and hung well. One was about 8″ and the other was 7″ soft and about 8/1/2″ hard. I was so humiliated. To know that the woman that I had been with all this time was being fucked by two different dicks that were literally twice my size was so humiliating. I broke up with her at first, but after about a week I realized that if I didn’t try to get back together with her I would put my little 4″ peepee out in the cold again with no pussy in sight of a hundred miles.

We got back together and she told me that she was fucked up on dope when she fucked them, both of them 3 times a piece, and that it wasn’t that good, but I find that hard to believe. She had fucked better than 3 dozen men with dicks big as my forearm before we got together and all she had had in her for over 3 years was my little 4 banger and then all the sudden an 8″ cock goes in her, but it doesn’t feel that good.

I feel so helpless knowing that two different men sumped their 8 inches in my woman’s pussy and there is nothing I can do to compete with them. All I can do is poke her with my pathetic little thin 4″ root and hope that she doesn’t go out and fuck a horse cock on me again. I can remember her pussy being loose during the time she was fucking these men, but I didnt pay any attention to it. I thought it was just me imagining it or she was real wet or something, but in fact she had been stretched by two different dicks practically twice my size.

So that is how two different 8″ snakes took my monkey from me, and let me tell you it is so humiliating to be done like this and having to accept there is nothing you can do but hope it doesn’t happen again, but I have no doubt it will, if it hasn’t already accept there is nothing you can do but hope it doesn’t happen again, but I have no doubt it will, if it hasn’t already