The Power Of Purpose In Speech

“Action Without Purpose Is Wasted Energy.”

The importance of purpose is far reaching and that is why millions of people everyday struggle to figure out their purpose in life.

Now don’t imagine that that is the only use of purpose. No. Having a purpose in everything we do and say is an important part of achieving one’s goals in life.

So what we’ll focus on today in purpose when talking to women. And to truly appreciate its importance lets evaluate the 5 major benefits of purpose in speech:

1. Avoid Saying Something Foolish

When you have a purpose to your speech then you avoid unnecessary conversations.

Because what usually happens when you encounter an awkward silence in conversation with a woman, is that you feel the need to say something… to say anything, just to break the silence.

But the truth is that if there is a prolonged silence in mid conversation then you should take it as a hint that maybe you should end the conversation now.

Trying to force a conversation along is the work of an amateur in the social game, because when you try to force a conversation along you fail to realize that it isn’t your job to keep a conversation alive. Conversations are dialogues, so don’t take sole responsibility on keeping it alive.

Besides when you try to force a conversation along with a woman, the chances are very high that you will say something you will regret later on. And this is when you end up saying something stupid or unnecessary that lowers your social image.

So if you encounter an awkward silence, end the conversation and walk away.

It’s better than saying something just for the sake of it.

2. Helps You Gain Tons Of Confidence

Most of the time, you probably feel nervous about talking to beautiful women because you feel the pressure to try and keep the conversation alive and interesting.

If your goal was getting to know her better and to see if she is someone you would like to get into a relationship with then realize that that is your purpose for talking to her.

So if in mid conversation you realize that this beautiful woman you are talking to isn’t all that interesting and then simply end the conversation and walk away.

By realizing that you are in control of the situation and that you are able to end conversations on your terms is a powerful tool that ALL guys and you take advantage of it.

By ending all conversations; be it on the phone, online chats or in person, you gain a sense of control over your emotions.

Let me explain…

The ability to end conversations on you terms gives you a freedom that liberates you from feelings of rejection that most guys encounter when women end conversations with them because they are trying to keep a conversation alive when they should just let it die.

You will no longer have to experience a sense of rejection as you are the one ending the conversation with her on your own terms.

And this helps keep you confidence up always as well as subtly building it as you enjoy that sense of control.

3. Help Silently Elevate Your Social Status

This benefit is experienced in group settings rather than 1-on-1 conversations with women.

In group settings, having a focus in your conversations becomes a great card to play so as to elevate your social status.

Because when you have purpose in your speech, you have standards on what you will talk about and conversations you will engage in.

For example, getting sidetracked by mindless chatter on sports, cars or women is not an option when you are in a serious discussion and/or try to get a point across.

Also the ability to simply walk away when a conversation degenerates beyond a certain level shows an air of class. It communicates that you are not about to lower yourself to such standards.

It may seem kind of standoffish and stuck up but the truth is that people respect other people who can stand up for the principles when faced with social pressure.

Plus an air of class will never go wrong with the ladies.

Now please note that I am not implying you don’t have small talk with friends as “Just having small talk” is a purpose on its own.

Just don’t allow yourself to become one of the crowd by engaging in every conversation the group entertains. Set social standards for yourself and keep to them.